Welcome to Restaurant Diós!

Our restaurant has been expecting old and new guests since 1997 on the Diósi road, close to the main road No.6, but in a silent suburbian area of Pécs (see map). The Restaurant Diós is famous of it’s huge pancakes (about 1 kg each, with 50 different sweet or salty filling). Other specialties are worth considering as well such as tripe in bread crumbs, half-meter sausage, bean and cabbage stew, bean or cabbage in jug. We can also suggest the traditional dishes of our southern neighbours, the cevapcica and pljeskavica then some new-drawn wheat beer to have a damper. (For further dishes click menu.)

We set up any kind of parties: family or biusness meeting, bachelor day, wedding or divorce.

A crowd of 170 persons, a group of 5 or a couple: each will have a pleasant time in our restaurant. If the location of your programme is given, we offer cold buffet service.

Visit us and be our guest!